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Staci Schubert’s art is a collaboration of nature and culture, a meeting point between urban-luxe and 70's nostalgia. Staci was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City and came to age in the grunge-gloss decade that defined her generation. Like her personality, her art is both classic and current, a combination of fast paced sleek meets rural chic. Staci moved west in 1993, to Laguna Beach, after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in graphic design. After a few years in the fast paced fashion industry, collaborating with design houses Roxy and Harley Davidson, Staci developed her rough and sexy approach to accessory design. “I wanted to give the “soft core (not raging, but not popcorn)” girls a venue to express their sexiness,” Schubert says, “Lot’s of girls like being soft and sexy, but also like to find their edge. I like to design my products to that “edge.” That is why I use leather and incorporate wood, metal and bone elements into my designs. I also use that same premise when designing my leather cuffs, they aren’t bracelets, that’s just too . . . nice.”

Using her success as a designer in the high pressure world of So Cal fashion, she decided to “go rogue” and develop her own line of high-end handbags, sourced from the best leather available on the free-trade market. Quality of goods, and quality of life of those who provide them, is a high priority for Staci, and she makes sure all of her products are produced with integrity, which is why she is a “small batch” producer, emphasizing quality over volume. Staci found a receptive audience in the Laguna arts community, receiving a commission to design her bags for the cast of "Queer Eye for the straight guy" as well as being a featured artist at the Sawdust Festival and being published in both Newport Coast Magazine and the LA Times as a distinguished artist.

Now located in Sandpoint, Idaho, Staci incorporates the wildness of the nature she thrives in, into her designs. Staci’s unique artistic process combines both new world technology and old world techniques. Contemporary graphics, custom dye process & custom color process are evident in her works. Her leather bag & jewelry lines fuse Old World aesthetics with New World fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique and relevant, wearable works of art.

Staci occasionally calls upon the help of Lily Hartman who will help with assembly when the larger orders or preparation for a show comes about. Thank you Lily for your attention to detail and maticulious assembly. <3

Staci is devoted to the development of both her fashion lines: her boho jewelry which includes innovative collections such as LOVE | MIX CULTURE | and FLOWER OF LIFE | Leather Bracelets and Exotic Wood Necklaces, in addition to her fine leather handbag collection.

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